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Senior Curriculum

Business Mathematics

Students learn about gross and net income, recordkeeping, checking and savings accounts, cash purchases, credit cards, loans, housing costs, insurance, purchasing and inventory, sales, marketing, financial records and corporate planning


Students explore the heresy of modernism and its influence and history in the Catholic Church

Latin IV

Student study Ecclesiastical pronunciation


Students study subatomic particles, periodic table, learn to balance chemical equations and gain an understanding of chemical bonds, while learning about metals, nonmetals, solutions and colloids, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics. or
Students study the mechanics, momentum, energy and gravity


Students will choose between one of three History courses: World History, Church History or American History II

Catholic Literature

Students read and analyze Catholic literature such as Fr. Elijah: An Apocalypse and The Divine Comedy - Inferno


Students learn about the first principles, 24 Thomistic theses, existence/essence, substance/accident, form/matter/act/potency, transcendentals of being finite/infinite being

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