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“The Catholic school’s proper function is to create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity, to help youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through baptism as they develop their own personalities, and finally to order the whole of human culture to the news of salvation so that the knowledge the students gradually acquire of the world, life and man is illumined by faith.”
– His Holiness Pope Paul VI, October 28, 1965

Academics: Academics

Why Choose a Classical Catholic Education?

A traditional Catholic education focuses on developing not just the mind but the person. It inspires students to think critically, ask questions and communicate effectively while ensuring that students also develop a charitable heart, love and respect for family and community as well as a thirst for faith, hope and justice.

Hallmarks of Classical Education


Grammar Stage (K-6th grade)

At this age children learn best through song, memorization and repetition which is why we focus on mastering the basics.

Logic Stage (7th-9th grade)

At this stage students have mastered the basic foundation and are at an age where they begin to think critically. At this point we focus on teaching students to think critically and how to reason.

Rhetoric Stage (10th - 12th grade

Having built a solid foundation and learning to think critically our students spend their sophomore through senior years learning the art of effective communication and rational thought.

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