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House System

Dating back to the Middle Ages the classical house system fosters school spirit, camaraderie and pride. 

At Saint Augustine School, Inc. all students in grades 5-12 are installed in one of four houses, named after a patron of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest: House of Saint Benedict, House of Saint Therese of Lisieux, House of Saint Francis de Sales, and House of Saint Thomas Aquinas. SAS uses its house system to foster the practice of moral virtues, good habits, a love of learning with added incentives to achieve academic excellence, and encourage older students to mentor those younger then them.  Each SAS House also unites in prayer to spiritually support ICKSP beneficiaries. 

Moreover, each house identifies with one of the school's four pillars, "Faith, Discipline, Scholarship and Tradition"

House members will also attend the traditional Latin Mass at St. Stanislaus Oratory (Milwaukee, WI) on the feast day of the house patron. Students will be seated near the beautiful stained glass window of their patron.


Saint Benedict of Nursia


House Color: Black

House Feast Day: March 21st 

House Spiritual Beneficiary: ICKSP Seminary (Griciliano, Italy)

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