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At Saint Augustine School, we have adopted the traditions our families and parent run board and practice the Catholic Faith as it has been practiced for centuries prior to Vatican II.

Mass is held monthly at our newly finished Chapel.

You may have heard this referenced as Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) or the Extraordinary form of the mass and you will no doubt notice differences from post Vatican II Novus Ordo Mass. These differences include:

  • The Priest faces the altar more specifically the Tabernacle, prior to the Second Vatican Counsel it was very important that the Priest shepherd his people as Christ which means instead of facing the congregation he faces Christ and leads us in Prayer during the Sacrifice of the Mass

  • Mass is sung or spoken in Latin, the Official language of Holy Mother Church. Prior to Vatican II no matter where you were in the World the Sacrifice of the Mass was unified under the Latin Language.

  • Women and girls wear veils. They do this because biblically women veiled when entering a house of God, it is an expression of modesty and shows reverence. 

In Addition to monthly, each day our Junior and Highschool students come in before the start of school to Pray the Office Prime and all students partake in prayer before meals and are instructed throughout the day in leading a life of faith.


We also partake in pilgrimages, observe special feast days and pray the Stations of the Cross as a school during Lent 

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