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2nd Grade Curriculum


Students will discuss and memorize catechism, learn about the saints, Catholic prayers, study the ten commandments and the sacraments as well as copy daily bible verses

Language Arts

Students will continue to reinforce phonic concepts, expand vocabulary through weekly spelling tests, develop reading comprehension, and learn grammatical concepts


Students review and master printing proper letter and number formation and writing upper and lowercase words in cursive


Students build upon their addition and subtraction skills by adding a third digit, learn place value, carrying numbers over while adding and subtracting, telling time to the minute, and the beginning of multiplication and division

Social Studies

Students develop an appreciation for the American flag, our freedoms, and the learn about the people who helped form this great nation


Students learn an appreciation of God's beautiful world through the exploration and investigation of the solar system, weather, matter, forces and motions and the concept of hearing

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction


Students learn to sing Catholic hymns and patriotic songs


Students learn to demonstrate and explore their creativity through various art projects

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