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3rd Grade Curriculum


Students learn about the creation of man, original sin, the promises of Christ, Grace and the supernatural life, the institution of the Church, the Holy Ghost, the sacraments and latin prayers

Language Arts

Students build upon reading comprehension skills by reading the classics like Charlottes Webb and Little House in the Big Woods and reading about the lives of the saints. They continue to reinforce their phonics and grammatical skills while learning hundreds of new words including Catholic terms and their meanings


Students reinforce and build upon their cursive writing skills as well as their grammar skills by writing friendly letters and reviewing manuscripts


Students begin the 3rd grade with an intensive review of addition and subtraction before moving on to master multiplication and division, fractions, roman numerals, and developing muscle memory for simple math problems with speed drills

Social Studies

Students learn to read maps and globes while building an understanding of local and global political, social and cultural conditions


Students learn about the wonder of heaven, solar system, earth and it's origins. They then dive into the oceans, learn about the earth's surface, weather and climate. They also explore matter, solids, liquids, gases, machines and living things

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction


Is worked throughout regular course work to make learning and memorization fun, it is especially used in reading and religion classes


Like music, art is worked in throughout regular coursework to make learning fun as well as in art projects that stimulate creativity throughout the school year

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