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4th Grade Curriculum


Students learn about the Ten Commandments, sin and redemption the Church, the Mass, Sacraments, Angels and the Precepts of the Church. They also gain an understanding of the liturgy and liturgical year

Language Arts

Students continue to build on and reinforce phonics skills and learn to write persuasive and creative essays. They further develop their reading comprehension skills by reading about the saints and classic books such as the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and the Wizard of Oz


Students practice cursive daily and are taught to write smaller and faster while maintaining neatness and legibility


Students begin the year with an intensive review of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They then begin to learn square roots, mixed numbers, lines and segments, exponents, line and circle graphs as well as decimals

Social Studies

Students build upon map reading skills and delve deeper into understanding the political, social and cultural conditions within communities both local and throughout the world


Students learn the wonders of the body with a detailed study of bones and muscles, body systems, hygiene and maintaining a healthy relationship with God. 

*St. Augustine does not instruct students on sexual education it is our belief that this remains the sole right and discretion of each student's parents


Students gain an understanding of how the Catholic faith has shaped history

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction


Is worked throughout regular course work to make learning and memorization fun, it is especially used in reading and religion classes


Like music, art is worked in throughout regular coursework to make learning fun as well as in art projects that stimulate creativity throughout the school year

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