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5th Grade Curriculum


Students explore Bible history from the Fall of Adam and Eve through the Descent of the Holy Ghost.

Language Arts and Literature

Students learn to put their reading comprehension into writing using book reports while simultaneously reinforcing their knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Students also learn the models of written expression and work on several compositional and creative writing activities.

*Cursive is mandatory for all written assignments 


Students learn order of operations, geometry and measurements, they also learn integers, divisibility concepts, ratios, statistics, prime and composite numbers, graphing points on a coordinate plane

Social Studies

Students learn the story of North America, the Indian nations, European colonization and the founding and history of the United States up to the Twentieth Century


Students learn life processes, human body systems, cells, plant


Students learn 1st and 2nd conjugation, present, imperfect and future tense verbs, nouns and adjectives as well Catholic prayers

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction through two-handed touch football, handball, soccer, dodgeball and a variety of other sports


Students learn the basics of Gregorian Chant and practice reciting Latin hymns


Students engage in interdisciplinary art projects throughout their courses

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