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Algebra II

Students learn geometric functions, angles, perimeters and proportional segments, negative exponents, quadratic equations, metric conversions, logarithms and advanced factoring

Biblical Theology

Students study the Old and New Testaments, Divine Revelation, soteriological messianism, salvation history, inerrancy and inspiration

Latin I

Students learn noun syntax and declensions, verb conjugations, tenses, active and passive voice and translation as well as Ecclesiastical pronunciation


Students study the properties of matter, atomic structure, the Periodic Table, chemical bonds and reactions, acids, bases, carbon chemistry, motion, power and machines as well as mechanical waves, sounds light and electromagnetic spectrum, earth and space science


Students learn the basics of bodily systems, nutrition, the benefits of exercise, building healthy habits, and dealing with mental anxiety or disorders

*St. Augustine School Inc WILL NOT instruct your children on sexual education as we believe these topics are the sole right of parents to address

American History

Students learn the history of North America from the landing of Columbus to the late 20th century, including the contributions of the Catholic Church

British Literature

Students read and analyze British literary classics such as Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Shakespearian Plays and Medieval poetry

Great Books Seminar

Students participate in discussion and critical analysis of thematic statements about politics, power, religion, friendship and what makes a good king along with Catholic theological allusions and allegory in Lord of the Rings. Students also analyze of Father Brown stories whole learning about the elements of the short story and traits of mystery fiction

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