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K4  Curriculum


Students learn to make the sign of the cross, develop a love for Jesus and Mary, learn about the saints and memorize Rosary Prayers

Priest Celebrating Mass_edited.jpg
Open Textbook in Library

Phonics and Reading

Students learn to recognize letters and their sounds, they learn to blend sounds to make words leading to simple sentences

Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills

Students learn to write their names, letters of the alphabet and write the numbers 1-10. They also learn how to use scissors correctly, color in the lines, and how to trace and copy words

Numbered Stones


Students learn to recognize numbers 1-10, counting, objects, making patterns, sorting objects, naming shapes and the beginning of addition


Students learn to memorize and pronounce basic prayers in Latin

Kids Playing Soccer

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship and patience as well as social interaction


Students develop skills through educational and religious songs

Musical Notes
Girl Painting in Art Class


Students learn to color in the lines and demonstrate creativity through various art projects

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