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6th Grade Curriculum


Students learn the fundamentals of theology and prayers of the Traditional Latin Mass as well as explore Catholic miracles, mystics and mysteries

Reading and Language Arts

Students expand upon their critical thinking and analysis skills with quarterly book reports while reading classic literature and books on the lives of saints. Students also begin building on their verbal and written communication skills by giving speeches in class, writing letters, books and dramatizations


Students build a solid foundation of algebraic reasoning and build upon their geometric skills with functions and coordinate graphing, integers, exponential expressions and prime factorization. Students will also learn about order of operations, number lines, decimal place value, how to round decimal numbers and the attributes of geometric solids

Social Studies

Students explore world culture, geography and history from prehistory to the Greeks, the rise of Christianity through the middle ages as well as developments in China, Japan, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Americas up until the mid 1800s


Students take a leap into outer space as they investigate the Origin of the Universe, Creationism vs Big Bang Theory, the sun and planets, stars and galaxies, they explore space travel, telescopes, black holes and dark matter.


Students learn 3rd and 4th conjugation, nouns, derivatives, Latin sayings as well as basic prayers in Latin

Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction through two-handed touch football, handball, soccer, dodgeball and a variety of other sports


Students learn the basics of Gregorian Chant and practice reciting Latin hymns


Students engage in interdisciplinary art projects throughout their courses

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