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K5 Curriculum


Students learn develop a love for Jesus and Mary, they learn to pray the Most Holy Rosary as well as the Stations of the Cross. They also build their knowledge of the saints and feast days

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Phonics & Reading

Students learn to identify upper and lower case letters, putting alphabet cards in order, identifying short vowels and consonant sounds, read color words, blend sounds to make words, read long and short vowel words, sight words, recognize punctuation, identify rhyming words and opposite words

Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills

Students learn to write their first and last name correctly, print upper and lower case letters, print numbers 1-100, trace and copy words and sentences, learn the correct use of scissors and how to color in the lines

Writing with Pen
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Students learn to recognize, count and place in order the numbers 1-100, how to count by 5's, and 10's to 100, count by 2's to 20, create patterns, tell time to the hour and a half, recognize money, shapes, colors and basic addition and subtraction as well as simple fractions

Social Studies

Students memorize the Pledge of Allegiance, and learn about important people and events in U.S history

American Flags


Students learn to appreciate the beauty of God's world as they explore and investigate a variety of science topics


Students learn and memorize basic prayers in Latin

Christian Rosary Beads
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Physical Education

Students are taught the virtues of charity, sportsmanship, and patience as well as social interaction


Students learn to sing Catholic hymns and patriotic songs

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Art Class


Students learn to color in the lines and demonstrate creativity through various art projects

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